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withvoice and
Simple API for
voice & text
based communications

Build apps in hours rather
than months


Apico SDKs

Build voice and SMS-enabled applications faster with Apico's web & mobile SDKs

Apico XML

Enable apps to handle call and messaging events, both inbound and outbound, using standart action verbs described in Apico XML

Quick start toolkit

Use Apico XML Wizard to create custom XML instructions in all of a few minutes. Host them on our servers for free

Easy migration toolkit

Switch to Apico easily. Automatically convert your existing scripts and queries to their Apico-compatible equivalents


Apico use cases


Two-factor authentication

Send login verification passcodes via Apico’s SMS API to ensure security of your web & mobile apps



Encourage inquiries by allowing customers to voice call you in a click, right from your website



Let customers reach your agents without waiting in a phone queue


Masked Phone Numbers

Enable two-way phone communication without disclosing anyone's personal number



Make and receive VoIP phone calls using any of your devices: computer, tablet, or smartphone

More Apico Use Cases

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Why Apico


A well-connected platform

We connect to 1500+ carrier networks in 200+ countries to provide the highest quality routes at the lowest prices.


Notably lower rates

Attractive per-unit rates starting from as low as $0.002 per minute, $0.01 per SMS, and $0.8 per number.


Minimum-latency infrastructure

Strategically distributed server infrastructure ensures the shortest routes possible to secure a sterling call quality and high SMS delivery rates.