SMS messaging API

Power your web & mobile apps with smart text messaging. 
Send, receive, process, and track SMS messages around the world automatically through Apico SMS API.

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High-priority messages

Guaranteed delivery of every text message at minimum time


Reach any mobile number worldwide

Get your business SMS delivered everywhere, every time


Real-time status notifications

Track text message statuses with our live delivery reports


Message details & logs

Get detailed information for all your texts sent, including message direction, message status, billing details, etc.


Toll-free SMS

Send text messages with toll-free phone numbers - yours or ones rented from our inventory


Two-way SMS API

Generate automated responses using Apico XML and send text messages via Apico’s REST API


Unicode characters

Two-way SMS in 100+ languages and symbol scripts


SMS concatenation

Send and receive long (up to 1530 characters), multi-part text messages seamlessly and in the right order


Putting SMS API to use


Two-factor authentication

Ensure app security by login verification passcodes sent via Apico’s SMS API


Mobile voting & surveys

Engage your audience in real time: ask their opinion, launch a quiz, or run a vote by text messaging


Estimated time of arrival (ETA) alerts

Keep customers up-to-date by providing real-time arrival estimates and arrival confirmations via text messages; integrate ETA SMS alerts into existing GPS, order tracking systems, and field services


Emergency Notifications

With a read rate four-fold higher than email, SMS is the perfect channel to instantly deliver emergency messages about everything from server failures to hazardous weather conditions


Instant lead alerts

Immediately notify your sales reps of new leads from your website by sending text notifications; increase conversion rates by talking to interested customers moments after they are identified


Bulk SMS Messaging

Use SMS API to broadcast messages to all of your customers in a matter of minutes