Click-to-call button

Encourage your web visitors to call you right away at the click of a button on your website

talk to sales



Benefits of click-to-call button

Increased sales & conversion rates

Companies who add click-to-call buttons on their websites report up to 20% increases in their average orders, up to a 20% better bounce rate, and a conversion rate that is three times higher

Competitive advantage

Provide customers with a convenient way to instantly call you for free - you can chat with them before your competitors do

Extended sales territory

Click-to-call feature enables out-of-town and international customers to contact your sales reps for free from wherever they are

Cost savings

Click-to-call rates are considerably lower than those of toll-free numbers

How click-to-call works



The site visitor clicks the click-to-call link/widget installed on your website



Apico Voice API instantly forwards the call to the number you designate



Your salesperson picks up a phone and lands the client


Make it easy

for your website visitors to reach you



Free for customers

Your website visitors will appreciate a free online calling option, especially when they are calling internationally

It just works

Click-to-call button works right from the web browser, with no download or installation required on the user side

Flexible & customizable

Set up conditional call forwarding and you can build your own call handling logic

Easy to install

Ready to go in all of ten minutes


Connection fees
Regular fees
$0per minute
Per-minute rate starting from
$0.002per minute


Putting click-to-call button to use


Travel Agencies

No matter how good you have your offers described, the client always wants to know more when it comes to choosing a hotel or a travel package. Encourage a customer to call you in a click to overcome their last doubt and close the sale


Real Estate

When a customer wants to know something specific about the property you sell or lease, it means they’re interested. To turn this interest into a deal, make it easier to reach you for advice


Housekeeping services

Enable your website with a free, contextual, and easy (no need even to reach for the phone) click to call contact option


Job Websites

Click to call button allows recruiters to get in touch with candidates right away, without reaching for their phones or paying intercity/international rates


Integration with your CRM system

Provide salespeople with additional information they can use to seal the deal: when customers click to call, your CRM instantly knows which webpage they’re coming from and what their contact history with your company is


Integration with a Live Chat

Integrate click to call button with your existing LiveChat solution, so when the chat is offline or overloaded, a real person is dialed for help, at no cost for the client


Integration with Google Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of marketing channels and find out how phone calls impact conversion rates

Why Apico


Own infrastructure

Apico provides company-owned communication nodes, their own channels, and an in-house development team


Favorable rates

Pay-as-you-go starting from as low as $0.002 per minute, $0.01 per SMS, and $0.8 per number


Comprehensive support

We’re always around to help make your app awesome