Replace your costly calling hardware,
instead making and answering
phone calls from any computer, tablet, or smartphone

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Benefits of softphone

International calls at local rates

Reach your contacts globally at local rates over your existing internet connection

Better customer satisfaction

Receive calls on the device housing customer data and use that context to provide better service

Lower costs

Reduce what you spend on communications as well as the cost of scaling and maintaining telephony infrastructure

Increased revenue

Offer a softphone as a free-standing branded application or a premium feature you charge your customers for

How a software telephone works



Install the softphone app to any device, including a computer, tablet, or smartphone


Set up

Use Apico Numbers API to rent a local numbers from our inventory in the area code of your choice



make and receive phone calls over the internet using any of your devices


Globally local

Call internationally at rates you won’t find anywhere else




VoIP software telephone works with any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone — even your browser can do the dialing!

Sterling connection quality

Apico leverages its company-owned infrastructure to ensure stable connection quality



Connection fees
Regular fees
$0per minute
Per-minute rates starting from
$0.002per minute


Putting softphone to use


International call service

Let your customers reach any mobile or landline worldwide at fantastic rates


Softphone for a call center

Identify callers automatically and keep all customer information in front of your reps while they are on call, providing superior service and driving increased productivity


Mobile app feature

Integrate softphone into your existing app to offer telephony as an additional service


Web-based service

Let your customers call directly from their browser by integrating the softphone option into your website

Why Apico


Own infrastructure

Apico provides company-owned communication nodes, their own channels, and an in-house development team


Favorable rates

pay-as-you-go starting from as low as $0.002 per minute, $0.01 per SMS, and $0.8 per number


Comprehensive support

We’re always around to help make your app awesome